Jo Imperio is a photo-based artist who lives and works in New York. Her photographs present a sublime and an extraordinarily personal relationship to gender and power, addressing themes of masculinity, vulnerability, community, history, performance and representation. Her work questions repressive traditions and systems, while exploring and acknowledging her own history as it has formed her identity. Imperio is visually inspired by historical and contemporary conventions of representational painting and portraiture. She gives careful attention to the photographic process as it informs and relates to the meaning of her work. In Imperio’s latest series, her intention is to create an environment in which she and her subjects can feel vulnerable throughout the photographic process and to have the resulting images show men in ways they haven't been conventionally shown. Her intention is to expand the boundaries and definitions of masculinity and femininity in order to dismantle the hierarchal world in which we live.

Imperio has earned a BFA in Photography from Parsons School of Design. She published her first book entitled Centre of Equal in 2018. She is currently working as the Photo Editor at Health Magazine & Shape Magazine


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